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Do you accept patient with and without insurance?2022-05-31T11:27:02-05:00

Yes, we see patients with and without insurance. We do not file insurance, which saves you money by not having to pay your copay for visits and deductible for other services.

Can I be seen without a membership?2020-10-02T09:56:11-05:00

Yes. We have urgent care visits available by appointment.

Can I join if I have Medicare?2018-10-25T10:48:16-05:00
Yes. Although we don’t file under Medicare, you may join as a member.
Do I still need health insurance?2018-08-23T20:54:11-05:00

Although we will not be processing any services through your health insurance, we do recommend you keep some type of coverage for catastrophic events and to comply with current federal laws.  The DPC clinic model allows you to choose a higher deductible with lower premiums since your routine primary care services will be covered under our care.

Do you perform hospital rounds?2018-08-24T07:40:19-05:00

No, but we will be communicating with your hospital concerning your condition during your hospital stay when necessary.

When are my fees due and how do I pay them?2022-05-31T11:24:48-05:00

Fees are due upon activation of membership and will be automatically paid monthly through debit, credit, cash, money order, ACH direct payment, or HSA card.

What medical conditions do you see?2018-08-15T20:59:39-05:00

Acute and chronic conditions.

Is there a cancellation fee?2018-08-23T16:11:16-05:00

No cancellation fee. However, membership dues for that month will not be refunded.

What ages do you see?2018-08-15T20:56:24-05:00

From 6 months of age and older.


Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00
Closed for lunch 12:00 – 1:00


Easy access through north entrance

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