• Age 0-18


  • Age 19-60

Family (4)

  • +$25 for add. family members


  • Age 61 and above

Urgent Care Visit

$8500Without Membership for All Ages

Corporate pricing options are available.

Medical exams and services included in your membership include-minor soft tissue procedures such as skin tag removal (up to 3 sites), ear wax removal, and simple spirometry, Cryotherapy(freezing)of warts or other skin conditions where treatment is warranted, and simple splinting, breathing treatments and many blood tests (see labs).

Other more complex medical services are available at a low cost.  These include; joint injections, visco-supplementation injections for advanced arthritic  conditions, ingrown nail excision, complex lacerations, arthrocentesis (draining of joint), trigger-point injections (muscle), IUD and implanon removals, complex wound care, trigger finger/thumb injections, plantar fasciitis injections, bursa injections and drainage, advanced casting and splinting, and skin biopsies. 

All procedures and fees will be discussed with patient prior to proceeding. 

There is no sign-up fee, but there is a re-sign up fee of $100.00